Heating Services in Richmond, TX

Your home or business’ heating unit is of course at the center of all things warm. It needs to be in full working order to ensure you’re getting quality air, proper temperatures and the responsiveness you need to be comfortable. If and when problems arise, Coolmatics Air Conditioning and Heating Co. is just a call away. We offer a full repertoire of services, designed to ensure maximum function and efficiency from your heating system.

Heater Sales and New Heater Installation

We’re the foremost provider of heater installation services when it comes to heating systems. Our experts take pride in working with you to determine what type of new heating unit is best-equipped to handle your forced air needs. We consider the size of your building, your budget, features and more, to help you have full confidence in your decision.
We also work with all major heater brands and can help you make a choice that will serve you well for years to come! Some of the many brands we put our trust in include:

american standard

In addition, we can also facilitate the installation of mini-split systems and new thermostats, to help keep your home or business comfortable at all times.

Heating Repair

When things go wrong with your home or business’ heat, waste no time in calling us for heater repair in Richmond, TX. Our expertise spans the gamut and we’re able to quickly identify problems, to ensure we’re providing a positive resolution to them. No matter the problem, no matter the unit, we’re ready to facilitate results.

When it comes to furnace repair in Richmond, TX, we also make it a point to explain to you exactly what the issue is and how we’re resolving it. Most troubles can be fixed same-day, and we strive to offer this expeditious service whenever possible.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

In addition to heating repairs, we’re also your authority on mini-split system installation and repair in Richmond, TX. Mini-split systems are a great, energy efficient alternative to window AC units and they’re completely ductless. Here at Coolmatics Air Conditioning and Heating Co, we have the tools and experience to come up with any repair solution these mini-units might need.

For more information about any of the heating services we offer—from sales and installation to repairs and beyond—contact us today by calling 281-256-8808.